About Us

Viking Forge is one of the highest quality closed die, near net forging companies in the U.S. Our precision closed die forging…

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Forging Capabilities

We produce high precision forged products from 1 to 100 lbs, 3” to 14” in diameter and up to 10” in length…

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An industry leader in carbon, alloy & stainless steel forgings for transportation, energy, industrial, heavy equipment, defense and…

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Viking Forge’s Quick-Change Tooling System is an integral process component for the manufacturing of multiple part configurations. At the heart of Viking’s technology is a quick change tooling system that allows for 30 minute changeovers. We achieve 1.67 CpK’s eliminating the need to “chase the forging”, plus positive tool interlocks allow for less required stock on the forging. Our forgings weigh less and require less machining than other forging companies.