Forging Capabilities


Viking Forge is an independently owned precision forging company successfully servicing a widely diverse customer base. We produce high precision forged carbon steel, alloy, micro-alloy and stainless steel products ranging from 1 to 100 pounds, 3 to 14 inches in diameter and up to 10 inches in length. Volumes range from 5,000 to 500,000 annually. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified forged steel company Viking Forge provides the most consistent, tight tolerance, near-net forgings available anywhere. Along with ISO certification we adhere to other standards as dictated by our customers.

Our hot, closed die forging process utilizes presses up to 4000 tons to form steel billets heated to 2250F° into complex shapes and geometries. The forging dies are designed and machined in-house in order to produce near net forgings which require minimal machining. Our forging process is precise and efficient, producing products that have much less scrap as compared to other processes providing the highest possible ROI for our customers.

Structural Integrity of Forging: The forging process provides the highest strength possible to a part. It produces a solid structure that is free of internal defects that reduce the durability and strength of the metal. The forging process provides the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal forming process. Viking Forge’s products are used in critical applications that require high pressure, wear resistance and internal toughness.

Near Net Forgings = Lowest “Total Cost” of Part Manufacturing: This saves time and money when manufacturing multiple parts. And the repeatability of producing exact parts is more easily achieved when using hardened forging dies.
Our flashless forgings allow our customers to chuck on the OD of the part without having to worry about a parting/trim line. Since the part is produced entirely in the bottom die there is a precise top to bottom die match on the OD. Most forgers avoid this type of forging because they cannot maintain the process controls necessary.

Our unique flashless enclosed impression die steel and stainless steel forging process is renowned for applications in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • ⦁ Oil & Gas
  • ⦁ Motor Sports
  • ⦁ Industrial Valves
  • ⦁ Industrial Vehicles
  • ⦁ Defense & Ordnance and more
  • ⦁ Truck & Transportation
  • ⦁ ATVs
  • ⦁ Pumps & Compressors
  • ⦁ Heavy Equipment

The applications and advantages of closed die hot forgings are countless. At Viking we leverage our decades of experience to proudly serve multiple industries.

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Viking Forge produces a wide variety of forged products in industries ranging from transportation to oil & gas. The vertical integration of our manufacturing processes allow us to produce steel and stainless steel forgings that are unmatched in the industry. Leveraging our engineering services and process controls we ensure parts are provided exactly to the customer’s specification. From heat treating, machining, to testing and inspection, our products are ready to fulfill our customer’s most stringent requirements.

From gears used in nearly every industry, to safety critical components used in the transportation industry, to high pressure valve bodies, flanges and unions used in the energy industry, Viking makes the carbon, alloy, and stainless steel forged products you need.

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Our advanced technical capability begins with our Engineering Department where we develop forging designs that meet or exceed customer expectations. Our 3D CAD modeling, material flow simulation technologies and advanced automated controls allow our engineers to calculate the exacting requirements of how the forged steel process will affect the final product. Our finite element analysis system allows us to simulate the forging process for reducing multiple prototyping steps, ultimately reducing development costs and product lead times. We produce some of the industry’s most highly engineered forged components.

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Production Equipment

We use state-of-the art hot forging equipment for our closed die forging process in the manufacture of the most durable and high quality parts available. We continually evaluate and upgrade legacy equipment and put new equipment into service in order to ensure we are producing repeatable, high quality forged components.

Our efficiency begins with our Quick-Change Tooling and Precision Forging System, which is an integral component for the manufacturing of multiple, complex part geometries. At the core of Viking’s technology, the quick-change tooling system allows for 30 minute changeovers. We achieve 1.67 CpK’s which eliminates the need to “chase the forging”, plus positive tool interlocks allow for less stock on the forging. Because of this process, our forgings require less machining.

Our vast equipment inventory includes:

Tool Making Forging Steel Cutting
1 – Daewoo Puma 400 CNC Turning 1 – 400 kW Inter-Power Induction 1 – 600 Metric Ton Ficep
1 – Daewoo Puma 200 CNC Turning Center 1 – 1000kW Inter-Power Induction Billet Heater Fully Automated Hydraulic Shear
1 – Daewoo Puma 450 CNC Turning Center 5 – 1250kW Inter-Power Induction Billet Heater 2 – 4″ Diameter Nishijimax HNC-100 Fully Automated Cold Saw
2 – Hermle C800V CNC Vertical Machining Center 2 – 2500 kW Inter-Power Induction Billet Heater 2 – 6″ Diameter Nishijimax NHC-150 Fully Automatic Cold Saw
1 – Hermle CI200U 5 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center 1 – 1300 Ton National Forging Press
1 – Alpha 1550S Lathe 3 – 1600 Ton National Forging Presses
2 – VKM3 Milltronies Partner Mills 2 – 2500 Ton National Forging Press 1 – Ficep Caddy 80 Fully Automated Mechanical Shear
Fully Automated Die Welding Cell 1 – 2500 Ton Erie Forging Press
1 – 4000 Ton Erie Forging Press
1 – 4000 Ton National Forging Press
1 – 250 Ton Trim Press
2 – 125 Ton Trim Presses
3 – 200 Ton Trim Presses
3 – 300 Ton Trim Presses
1 – 350 Ton Trim Press
3 – 400 Ton Trim Presses
Inspection Finishing Facility
1 – NewAge 9000 Automatic Brinell Tester 2 – 24 Cubic Foot Goff Tumble Blast Machine 65,000 Square Feet Manufacturing Facility
1 – NewAge ME-2 Rockwell Tester 1-36 Cubic Foot Rosler Barrel Blast Machine 90,000 Square Feet Steel Crane Yard
1 – Brown & Sharpe Excel 7-10-7 Coordinate Measuring Machine 4 Cubic Foot Goff Spinner Hanger 110,000 Square Feet Final Inspection and Finish Good Storage
1 – Starrett Rapid Check 2 Coordinate Measuring Machine 16,000 Square Feet Tooling and Office Facility
1 – Mitutoyo B715 Coordinate Measuring Machine
1 – Quantum 7 Axis FARO Arm w/ Blue Laser Scanning
1 – QC Gage Computerized SPC Data Collection System
1 – Mitutoyo PH350 Optical Comparator

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Process Control

Process control in the forging industry is critical for consistent quality and maintaining projected costs, while ensuring there is no deviation from the specification.

Viking Forge uses sophisticated process control technologies in order to cost effectively maintain real-time quality control. Our statistical in-process manufacturing controls allow us to hold tight tolerances and achieve the repeatability required to meet customer specifications. Our process control systems range from PLC controlled induction heaters to quick change cassettes and heated bolsters.

Our computer-controlled forging equipment provides feedback loops that detect and prevent production inconsistencies. We adhere to strict documented procedures to ensure any problems are detected early. We only use certified suppliers that have demonstrated their commitment to provide high quality products and services.

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Tool & Die Making

Viking Forge’s Tool & Die team makes close tolerance forging dies and tool components to meet our customer’s exacting specifications. Our multiple CNC turning centers, vertical machining centers and die welding capabilities, coupled with latest CAM software allows us to produce precision tooling used in the manufacture of our customers’ products.

Our efficiency comes from our unique Quick-Change Tooling System, which is an integral component for the manufacturing of multiple part configurations. Because many of our customers demand multiple part designs, Viking employs this quick-change tooling system to allow us to switch between parts fast and easy. There are many cost saving advantages of using this methodology, including:

1) 30 Minute changeovers from the last good part to the first. This results in superior equipment utilization and increased flexibility in providing just-in-time deliveries.

2) Maintaining nominal dimensions on critical aspects of the forging by using multipiece inserted die components. The result is our ability to achieve tolerance limits of 1.67 CpK’s or higher, this means a small spread in relation to the tolerance width, which eliminates the need for the machinist to “chase the forging”. Removing this extra step significantly increases efficiency.

3) Positive interlocks in the tooling to reduce mismatch and the inaccuracies caused by run-out, resulting in less stock needed in the forging and reducing weight of the finished part. Our forgings require less machining.

Viking Forge’s unique Quick-Change Tooling System is capable of producing symmetrical and non – symmetrical parts to meet each customer’s specific needs.

The advanced forging dies that we build produce high quality, repeatable and reliable parts our customers come to count on, every time.

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