Viking Forge manufacturer’s high quality forged products for transportation, including automotive, truck and rail. With a legacy of supplying various hardware items to the truck industry going back to 1988, we have become a driving force in closed die forging for multiple transportation applications.

  • ⦁ AWD Clutch Engagement Components
  • ⦁ Bearing Components
  • ⦁ Clutch Housings
  • ⦁ Clutch Hubs
  • ⦁ Differential Gears
  • ⦁ D-Rings
  • ⦁ Kingpins
  • ⦁ Pinions
  • ⦁ Pinions Gears
  • ⦁ Rocker Arms
  • ⦁ Safety Critical Steering Components
  • ⦁ Steering Components
  • ⦁ Towing Components
  • ⦁ Transmission Gears
  • ⦁ Transmission Shafts and Gears
  • ⦁ Wheel Spindles & Hubs
  • ⦁ Yokes
  • ⦁ Drive & Input Flanges


Steel forgings in automobiles are used where strength, durability and wear resistance are required. Since forgings have the greatest strength to weight ratio, forgings are especially important when lightweighting automobiles to improve fuel efficiency. We supply components for Domestic, European and Asian OEM’s.

We strive to be the very best at supplying the automotive industry.


Viking Forge has a long history of forging parts for light, heavy-duty and Class 7 & 8 trucks. Flashless and Near Net shaped closed die forgings are important to the OEM’s and Tier One manufacturers in order to reduce the amount of machining required. We also provide a wide array of truck and trailer hardware used for towing and securing loads.


We are capable of manufacturing a wide variety of heavy-duty, forged locomotive engine components for the rail and mass transit industries Worldwide.

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