Viking Forge is a leader in producing standard and custom forgings for drilling, fracking, pipelines and refineries in the oil and natural gas industry. Whether it’s to supply large OEMs or small machine shops that serve the oil and gas industry, Viking Forge has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to solve the most complex applications.

  • ⦁ Flanged Connectors
  • ⦁ Swivel Components
  • ⦁ Forged Shafts
  • ⦁ Casings
  • ⦁ Male/Female Unions
  • ⦁ Pump Bodies
  • ⦁ Wear, Bearing, Tension and Guide Rings
  • ⦁ Plug
  • ⦁ Adapters
  • ⦁ Bonnets
  • ⦁ Couplings
  • ⦁ Valve Bodies
  • ⦁ Flanges & Reducers
  • ⦁ Custom Flanges
  • ⦁ Connecting Rods
  • ⦁ Stabilizers
  • ⦁ Drill Heads
  • ⦁ Pinions and Bull Gear
  • ⦁ Hammer Unions/Wing Nuts
  • ⦁ Adjustable Nuts
  • ⦁ Relief Valves
  • ⦁ Ball Valves
  • ⦁ Check Valves
  • ⦁ Pipe Unions
  • ⦁ Valve Seats
  • ⦁ Gate Valves

Oil & Gas

The needs of the oil & gas market are highly demanding. At Viking Forge we have the engineering and innovation that that gives us the expertise in supplying the industry with complex forged parts, on-time … every time.

Our capabilities to forge products for the oil & gas industry include supplying parts that support onshore midstream & downstream, to offshore and subsea applications.

For the extreme environmental conditions of the oil and gas business Viking Forge leverages our technical expertise to ensure the highest quality materials are used in our closed die forging processes for providing product that helps minimize failures and costly downtime.

As a leader in forgings for the oil & gas industry Viking Forge is your choice for the highest quality and most reliable products.

Industrial Valves

The closed die forging process allows Viking Forge to produce near net shaped, precision valve components that meet stringent industry standards. Impression die forging is the most efficient process to forge carbon and stainless steel valve components.

The mechanical properties for components such as those in forged steel valves eliminates porosity which makes them ideal for high pressure applications. Forging stainless steel to produce these parts is the preferred material for corrosion resistance.

Viking Forge has the engineering expertise for your most severe industrial valve applications.

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