Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

As the industry leader in steel forgings, Viking Forge proudly serves the heavy equipment market for customers all over America. Our closed-die, hot forging process is ideal for repeatable reliability. Some of the most rugged applications for forged parts are found in heavy equipment, from excavators to backhoes in construction, to tractors and combines in agriculture. The use of steel forgings in heavy construction equipment, off-highway and mining machinery, depends on high strength and durable components to withstand harsh, rugged conditions.

  • ⦁ Yokes
  • ⦁ Spindles
  • ⦁ Bevel Gears
  • ⦁ Disks
  • ⦁ Pistons
  • ⦁ Sprockets
  • ⦁ Engine Parts
  • ⦁ Ball Joints
  • ⦁ Bushings
  • ⦁ Drive Gears
  • ⦁ Levers
  • ⦁ Bearing Holders
  • ⦁ Wheel Hubs
  • ⦁ Collars
  • ⦁ Gear Blanks
  • ⦁ Shafts
  • ⦁ Links
  • ⦁ Rollers
  • ⦁ Crusher Rolls
  • ⦁ Pinion Racks
  • ⦁ Transmission Parts


Hot forged, impression die parts are used in tractors, combines, sprayers, field cultivators, shredders & cutters, cotton harvesters, bailers, seeders & planters, wheel tractor-scrappers, plows and more. Along with forged engine, transmission and other parts found in farm implements, machines used in agriculture have various forged components.

It is interesting to note that closed die steel forgings in agricultural and forestry applications make up nearly 25% of all the steel forgings made. Viking Forge is proud to be part of this critical market.


Off-highway equipment consisting of Utility Task Vehicle (UTVs), skid steers, dump trucks, earth moving vehicles, off-road utility vehicles, forestry equipment and special purpose trucks, use many forged components. In addition, specialty, carbon, alloy and stainless steel forged components can be found in transit tunnel boring equipment and commercial landscaping equipment.

Forged parts for off-highway equipment are numerous. They include everything from front axle hubs in backhoes to disc cutter rings, tunneling picks and rock crusher teeth in boring equipment, to forged blade sections.

Our commitment is to meet your most stringent requirements.


Some of the most severe applications for forged parts are found in the mining industry. They include components used in extremely large mining trucks to forgings found in crusher rolls, drill bits and gear blanks. Our steel forging process of closed, impression die forgings provides the quality and durability required in mining. For mining equipment as well as other heavy duty machines, the strength of the directional grain flow and longevity in forgings is vital compared to castings, which do not ensure the necessary durability.

Viking Forge is not just a forge shop, we are a solutions provider.


As with other heavy equipment markets, product toughness is critical in construction equipment. We use the impression die forging process to deliver a competitively priced, mid to high volume solution to our customers. As one of the leading technology driven forging companies in the USA, Viking Forge understands the demanding product needs of the construction industry.

By often exceeding standard industry tolerances on certain features of our near net forgings, we provide customers in the construction equipment supply chain with product on-time, every time.

Viking Forge is dedicated to instilling customer confidence with every part shipped.

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