Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

Viking Forge is a leader in producing the highest quality forged components for dirt bikes, ATV’s, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and motorcycles, for the Recreational Vehicle market. Our closed die, near net shape forging process allows us to achieve our customer’s weight reduction objectives, resulting in very complex part geometries. That means less machining to produce the finished product and a significant increase to our customers’ ROI.

  • ⦁ Ball Hitches
  • ⦁ Ball Mounts
  • ⦁ Flat Mount Trailer Couplers
  • ⦁ Trailer Couplers
  • ⦁ Gooseneck & Fifth Wheel Adapters
  • ⦁ Hitch Pins
  • ⦁ Fifth Wheel King Pins
  • ⦁ Clevis and Pintle Hitches
  • ⦁ Lunette Rings


As with other recreational vehicle components, motorcycle parts must be manufactured to repeatable high standards. At Viking our capabilities include producing transmission, drive train and structural motorcycle components.

All-Terrain Vehicles

Viking’s hot forging capabilities include the manufacture of many ATV parts. As with many other vehicle types, ATV components experience significant shock and fatigue. Our capabilities in providing components made with closed die forging processes for ATV wheel and steering components, steering knuckles, wheel collars and other parts for all-terrain vehicles meet or exceed industry standards.

We utilize a state-of-the-art hot forging process in the manufacture of parts for ATVs and UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles). Our flashless, near net closed die forgings are integral to meeting the tight tolerances of the industry, as customers demand products that require little or no final finishing.

At Viking Forge we are dedicated to forging parts that meet the highest standards required for the ATV and UTV markets.

Motor Homes/RVs

Though motorcycles and ATVs are technically recreational vehicles, RVs known as motor homes are in a completely different class. Many of the forged parts found in the engines and drive trains of other vehicles are also found in RVs. Yet there are many other forged steel items that are more common to motor homes. Viking Forge’s long history in forging hardware for the transportation industry has easily lent itself to our expertise in using closed die forging for the motor home and recreational vehicle market.

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